We are an automotive group including brands such as DpfPowerJet, Grand Service, Grand Service Szkolenia and CarSoft, providing our customers with modern and innovative solutions in the field of automotive services.
Basing on more than 15 years of experience in servicing DPF filters at our own workshop and a network of more than 100 partner service workshops, we have developed a technology of effective particle filter regeneration.


An innovative alternative to a DPF replacement is its comprehensive cleaning using the hydrodynamic method. It is carried out in a machine designed specifically for this purpose. The multi-step process of DPF regeneration has been prepared on the basis of hundreds of trials and tests. The method uses the hydrodynamic force of water flow and the compressed air pulse force. The movement of the working fluid is forced by external pressure that must overcome the flow resistance in the filter channels. Soot, ash, engine oil, coolant and other results of combustion of e.g. popular fuel bio-additives are removed. Each DPF is subject to tests “before” and “after” the cleaning procedure, what is ultimately confirmed by a printed result of patency. This process restores the capacity of the particle filter to the level of 98–99%.

In addition to particulate filters, it supports:







AdBlue catalytic converters


Particle filters for petrol engines.

Why us

Real measurement of DPF filter wear – owing to the use of a unique system of a double, very high capacity air flow (over 800 m3/h), we are able to obtain parameters corresponding to the actual values in a vehicle during use.

Largest water flow – ensuring high cleaning performance.

Innovative system of adapters dedicated to different automotive brands – in combination with the vast amount of regenerating agent with strong air pulses, they ensure the most efficient and productive cleaning of almost 100% of the DPF filters present on the market.

Electronic filter wear indicator – DpfPowerJet is the only device on the market that monitors the degree of wear of the filters. It is not necessary to remove them to assess their level of blocking.

Compressed air capacitor with a directional valve provides adequate impact strength for every DPF filter size.

Most efficient drying system also for large size filters (trucks, buses, etc.) – is achieved through the use of a unique system of double air flow and highly efficient heating ceramics with a power of several kilowatt .

Unprecedented performance – 2 filters can be cleaned and dried at the same time. This has a significant impact on reducing the operating costs.

Optimized cleaning process – no need for bidirectional washing.

Machine features




More DpfPowerJet features

Two independent water circuits ensure that there is no danger of pressure drop during filter washing.

DpfPowerJet is automatic– all cleaning processes are carried out automatically, without human intervention. Operation is trivially simple – optimized for unskilled personnel.

High durability design: frame and housing is fully made of acid-resistant stainless steel and all components are resistant to the adverse effects of cleaning agents.

The machine uses industrial double-sealed pumps fully made of acid-resistant stainless steel.

The product is covered by a lifetime system of upgrades of its characteristics, in accordance with the requirements of the applicable regulations and standards.

DpfPowerJet bears the internationally recognised CE mark.

DpfPowerJet to meet strict technical standards, is built in accordance with the Machinery Directive No. 2006/42/EC.

The device is in 100% eco-friendly. The entire process is carried out in a closed loop owing to the use of an innovative filtration system, is safe for the environment and does not emit pollution into the atmosphere.

Low operating costs – owing to the use of the most cost effective filter elements available on the market and insulation of water tanks.

Average cleaning time – just 1 h.

2 years guarantee.







Weight with no water

2 Italian pomps