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We are an automotive group with brands such as DpfPowerJet, Grand Service, Grand Service Szkolenia, and CarSoft. With over 15 years of experience in DPF filter regeneration and a network of 100+ partner services, we provide modern and innovative solutions in automotive services. Our advanced technology effectively regenerates a wide range of particulate filters on the market. Customer satisfaction is our priority as we offer ready-made solutions to all DPF filter-related issues.

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We have over 15 years of experience in servicing DPF filters. We have been introducing program modifications for years and as a result, we understand how to effectively solve the problems posed by the daily operation of DPF filters. We have a large network of workshops that provide filter regeneration services. We do not import machines - we manufacture them ourselves based on our own experience. All technical aspects, from the load-bearing structure to the control system, are designed by us and the machines are technically and financially adapted to the Polish market realities.


For many years our staff has been helping and advising on how to solve technical problems in all aspects related to filter regeneration and operating filter cleaning machines. By calling us when you have a problem, you can talk directly with the machine designers, which reduces the response time to zero. You do not have to wait weeks for an e-mail reply as we understand that "time is money" and we know that your client will not wait but will go to your competitors. We advise not only on the machine but on all technical aspects related to DPF filters and more... We modify engine controllers and provide updated software for machines. We do not charge our clients for technical support and provide it also after the warranty period. If you chose our services, you are not left alone if there is a problem or you need help within the field of our expertise.


Our machines are proudly manufactured in Poland, adhering to the highest standards of quality. We prioritize the use of premium components that have been proven successful in numerous projects over the years. By avoiding the utilization of inexpensive Chinese components or Turkish pumps solely for the purpose of cost reduction, we ensure the production of reliable equipment that minimizes downtime. Rest assured, our commitment to excellence guarantees a dependable and efficient operation of our machines.


We assist in financing the machine in the form of a simple leasing solution.We use the services of recognised leasing entities - Alior Bank, Santander Leasing, Millenium Leasing.

Patentowana technologia

Doskonale rozumiemy, że czas i jakość regeneracji filtra ma tutaj największe znaczenie, bo bezpośrednio przekłada się na finanse.

Dlatego nie idziemy na łatwiznę. Nasze produkty w pełni wykonywane są w Polsce. Nie stosujemy tanich chińskich zamienników czy tureckich pomp. Dzięki temu nasze urządzenia działają przez lata przynosząc dochód warsztatom i partnerom biznesowym.

Patentowany system SafeClean

Jedyny system na rynku gwarantujący 100% bezpieczeństwo regeneracji filtra.

3 lata testów

Przed wdrożeniem urządzeń na rynek testowaliśmy i usprawnialiśmy je przez 3 lata.

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Up to 10 regeneration cycles in 8 hours

Assuming an average regeneration price of € 100, your DPF PowerJet workshop can generate up to € 1000 in revenue in 1 day.

Performance analysis

We are the only company on the market that prints A4 charts after the regeneration process, so you can easily check the performance of the filter before and after.

Largest chamber on the market

The DPF PowerJet has a large working chamber that ensures that even the largest filters from buses and trucks can be regenerated without cutting or welding exhausts.

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