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Cleaning DPF filters is an increasingly popular service. Increased police checks on exhaust emissions mean that more and more diesel owners use filter regeneration services. Check why our machine is second to none and how it can help you to earn more than others.

Cleaning efficiency

With a 600 litres water tank, a full cleaning procedure is available for all types of filters!

Maximum work efficiency

Our machine swift cleaning & drying in 30 minutes for cars, 90 minnutes for trucks!

Regeneration safety

Patented SafeClean Technology. We have eliminated the risk of damaging the filter without reducing the efficiency of regeneration.

Low operating costs

Low power consumption and large filtration area will allow you to clean more filters and use less energy.

The possibilities are endless

Who can you provide DPF filter regeneration services to?

With DPF PowerJet, the possibilities are endless.
Your customers are waiting everywhere.

Car dealers and service stations

expect a quick regeneration service of diesel particulate filters, as well as the highest level of safety during the procedure.

Transport companies

that want to regenerate larger filters installed in trucks and buses.

Truck repair shops

that want to regenerate DPF filters as quickly as possible. With PowerJet it will take max. 90 minutes.

Municipal transport companies

that are looking for a safe way to regenerate long exhaust after-treatment system filters without cutting or welding the filters.

Construction companies

that want to maintain their heavy construction equipment in good condition despite the intensive use.

Individual clients

who want to perform the regeneration process at an express pace. One filter can be regenerated in just 30 minutes.

Explore the Differences with Us!

A new definition of effectiveness in the DPF filter regeneration sector with DPF PowerJet device

DPF PowerJet vs other devices

DPF PowerJet:

Largest filtration area. 1 μm filtering accuracy. Patented security filter.

Other machines:

Half the filtration area. No safety filter. Filtering accuracy of only 8 μm.

DPF PowerJet:

Insulated water tank up to 600 litres.

Inne urządzenia:

Water tank 300 - 400 litres only

DPF PowerJet vs other devices

DPF PowerJet:

Large working chamber - the ability to clean the largest DPF filters.

Other machines:

Small chambers.

DPF PowerJet:

Patented DPF filter protection system: SafeClean Technology. Printout of diagrams presenting the course of regeneration (A4).

Other machines:

No SafeClean Technology. Printouts are not available.

DPF PowerJet:

Side-channel blower with an output of 1,250 m3/h. 2 water pumps (circulation and working). Compressed air accumulator.

Other machines:

Blower with a capacity of only 200 m3/h. 1 water pump. Compressed air accumulator not available.

It's been well thought out

How will you earn more?

Achieve unprecedented effectiveness, efficiency, the safety of regeneration and low operating costs. Earn more with DPF PowerJet

Water tank capacity

The 600 l tank provides the optimal amount of water needed to carry out an effective regeneration process, even for the largest DPF filters installed in trucks, buses and construction plants.
Being the owner of a DPF PowerJet machine, you can regenerate any type of diesel particulate filter that is currently available on the market.

Filtration accuracy of the machine

DPF PowerJet flushes DPF filters with clean water filtered to the level of 1 micron. - It is incomparably higher water filtration accuracy than the generally adopted market standard in other filter cleaning machines. As a result, you will be able to restore the factory parameters of the regenerated DPF. As proof of the quality of the service performed, you will show the customer a printout with the results of filter performance tests carried out before and after the regeneration!

100% certainty of thorough drying

By the use of a side-channel blower with an output of 1,250 m3/h, our machine can mechanically remove about 90% of the water from the cleaned DPF filter (the remaining 10% is dried by the use of a 8 kW heater). Most of the similar machines available in the market are equipped with blowers with a capacity of 200 m3/h, so the filters regenerated by such units are sometimes not properly dried. DPF PowerJet ensures that the filter after the regeneration is completely dried.

Protection of the filter’s ceramics against damage

Introducing SafeClean Technology: Our patented solution safeguards the ceramic insert of the DPF filter, effectively preventing any shifting and subsequent damage. Unlike machines offered by competitors that reduce water flow to mitigate shifting, compromising the regeneration process, DPF PowerJet implements our exclusive SafeClean technology. This innovative approach ensures optimal filter protection while maintaining uncompromised regeneration performance. Trust in our cutting-edge solution for DPF filter maintenance, where safety and effectiveness harmoniously converge.

Optimal filtration area

We spent 3 years on testing to optimally select the filtration area in relation to the other key components of the machine. Thanks to this, using one set of water filtration cartridges you can clean many times more DPF filters than the competition, and all this without reducing the quality of regeneration. The low operating costs of DPF PowerJet translate to even more profit for you and a faster return on investment.

Record-short duration of the regeneration process

Thanks to the use of the patented SafeClean filter protection system, high-efficiency blower, and precise and large enough filtration system, you will be able to regenerate a passenger car diesel particulate filter in less than 30 minutes! In trucks and buses, the process will take just 90 minutes. Therefore, accelerating your earnings up to € 5000 a day is possible, but only with DPF PowerJet.

See for yourself

Only 4 steps separate you from success

If you expect measurable results, you can expect it from DPF PowerJet.

Step 1

You make an appointment for a presentation of the DPF PowerJet machine, during which we show you the entire filter regeneration procedure.

Step 2

Together we agree on the form of financing the purchase of the machine and help in obtaining funds so that DPF PowerJet can earn for you as soon as possible.

Step 3

We sign the contract and complete all formalities. You don’t have to worry about anything. You make the advance payment at this stage.

Step 4

3-4 weeks from signing the contract, we deliver the ordered DPF PowerJet straight to your location and train you in the use of the machine.

Returns calculator

How much can you earn?

We have prepared a special calculator that will allow you to simulate real earnings. Just fill in some data, and you will know how quickly the device will pay for itself.

Check out DPF PowerJet

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Learn about the construction of PowerJet and its earning possibilities for you.

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SafeClean Technology

It is a system patented by us, thanks to which the regeneration time (cleaning and drying) is reduced to 30 minutes for passenger cars and 90 minutes for Euro 6 engine cartridges.

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Questions and answers

Frequently asked questions

Check out the frequently asked questions and find the answers to them.

How to start a filter regeneration business?

To earn 1000 € a day on filter regeneration, you need an effective machine that will do the entire job for you. Thanks to DPF PowerJet, you can regenerate each filter (regardless of size) with a 100% effectiveness.

What surface area do I need for the device?

The area requirements are very easy to meet. You just need a room with an area of min. 30 m2 with access to tap water, equipped with a three-phase 400 V power supply (32 A 5P socket) and a two-piston compressor (200 l). A ventilation system in the room will be an additional advantage.

Do I have to be a car mechanic to regenerate DPF filters with DPF PowerJet?

It is not necessary. We provide support at every stage of your DPF regeneration business. We provide professional training and are able to teach virtually every entrepreneur how to earn money effectively on the regeneration of DPF PowerJet filters.

How do I get customers for the regeneration service?

The lineup of potential clients is wide – car dealers, haulage companies and public transport companies, but also individual clients. During the onboard training, we will show you the exact methods of acquiring customers with the help of effective marketing strategies.

What kind of permits do I need to offer regeneration services?

If you already run a workshop, you are halfway there. In addition, an important thing is to register the company in the BDO database (Waste Database). We will give you specific tips on how to do this quickly and without problems.

Does the device work automatically, so I can earn money effortlessly?

DPF PowerJet performs the filter regeneration and drying procedure in automatic mode. All you have to do is put and remove the filter from the machine. By employing a person responsible for these two operations, you can fully enjoy passive income from your investment.

Can I try the machine before buying?

Yes, of course! We offer each potential client a free exemplary filter regeneration performed on our machine.

What about the maintenance of the machine?

We provide comprehensive service and maintenance, so you can feel safe in this respect.

What are the operating costs of the machine?

The real costs depend on the filtration area – the larger the filtration area, the more DPF filters can be regenerated with one set of water filtration cartridges. DPF PowerJet is equipped with a tank with a capacity of 600 l, so it can clean a much larger number of filters than competing systems. In addition, the quick operation of DPF PowerJet means that the power consumption is much lower than in the case of other machines with similar characteristics.

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